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Meeting of NRCs on innovation

Innovation in the NRC ecosystem

Conference, December 15, CRN Commercial Logistics and Transport Management - Zaragoza.

This past week took place in Zaragoza a technical conference that brought together representatives of seventeen NRCs from all over Spain. Innovation was the central theme of this meeting which, above all, served to meet, share, learn and strengthen the network of National Reference Centers of the different professional families of Vocational Training.

The program of the day began with the head of Area of the General Subdirectorate of Planning and Management of VET of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Maria Paz Sanchez. The representative of the central administration wanted with her presence to approach the management they are doing around the national reference centers which she defined as the "tractor axis for the rest of the Vocational Training centers" in areas such as innovation. On the other hand, Mª Paz Sánchez indicated that "from the Ministry we consider it essential that you have a greater visibility among companies, schools, families..." and stressed that the website https://www.todofp.es/ has to be one of the platforms for the CRNs.

The day continued with the presentation of the tools: sector map, observatory, Anteo, Comunica CRN and Gestiona CRN by the CRN of Commercial Logistics and Transport Management. The CRN of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency of Navarra, the CRN of Wood and Cork of Valencia, the CRN of Canned Vegetables of Murcia and the CRN of Crafts of Granada presented some of the actions they are developing in relation to topics as different as the control of the carbon footprint, digital teaching in VET, 3D tools for training or training and inclusive employment.

The morning session ended with a round table to analyze the management of projects or actions by the CRNs from the moment the idea arises until it is concluded.

The General Director of Innovation and Vocational Training of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon, Toni Martinez, insisted that training, employment and innovation have to go hand in hand, to be a whole, for Vocational Training. Toni Martinez recalled that in the Aragonese community we have three National Reference Centers: the CRN San Blas in Environmental Management; the Center for Advanced Technologies in Photographic and Audiovisual Production and CIFPA as CRN in Commercial Logistics and Transport Management.

In the afternoon, attendees were divided into groups to work on a SWOT with the theme: innovation in the NRC ecosystem.

Our most sincere thanks to the catering students of IES Miralbueno of Zaragoza for the excellent catering service provided during the day.

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