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Dualiza. Dual VET in Logistics and Transport

Information day: Dual vocational training linked to training contract in the logistics and transport sector

On the 24th of February, an information day was held at CIFPA on Occupational Vocational Training, in dual format, in the sector of Commercial Logistics and Transport Management. This is an initiative of Caixabank Dualiza which aims to act as a bridge between the company and the training centres, seeking to broaden this collaboration so that education responds to labour needs. In order to organise, manage and dynamise the training, the following people were present Aspasia GroupThe training programme, an expert in developing training aimed at companies and for employment.

The programme of the day was as follows:

12:00 - Presentation of the event

12:05 - Logistics and Transport NRC Institutional Greeting

12:10 - Institutional greeting CaixaBank Dualiza

12:15 - Mr. Lorenzo Alonso. Aspasia: The dual training model linked to training contract for alternation.

12:45 - Mr. Javier Cejudo. Aspasia. Training itinerary in the professional area of logistics.

13:00 - Mr. Javier Cejudo. Aspasia. Next Steps

13:10 - Colloquium (clarifications and doubts)

13:30 - Closing of the Conference

The presentation made by the Aspasia Group can be downloaded at the following link:


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